The Nemesis (Transformers)

The Nemesis

The Nemesis, is the Decepticon's immensely powerful flagship. It is very heavily armed with an arsenal of high-powered Energy cannons. It is also Megatron's personal warship. It is used as the Decepticons' base of operations on Earth and in its orbit. In mining operations, it hovers above the pit and takes in the gathered Energon ore through a Magnetic lift that extends from the hull. And, for its size, it is a very fast ship.


The Nemesis is a massive warship. The bow of the ship is pointed and upturned like the hull of a boat. There are two pointed prongs protruding from the bottom of the bow at an an angle. The bow also possesses two red view ports that resemble eyes on the sides of the bow. The ship is covered in numerous wings and vanes. The dorsal surface of the ship is a large, long, flat area that serves as a flight deck, similar to that of modern aircraft carriers, with a hanger bay entrance towards the front of the ship. The ship propels itself with eight engines on the rear section of the vessel.

For defensive purposes, the ship has numerous gun turrets on the dorsal surface of the hull. There are also stasis beam cannons attached to both the dorsal and ventral surfaces of the hull. The communications array for the ship consists of numerous dishes located on the dorsal hull. The ship also possesses a magnetic lift that extends from a hatch on the ventral hull. The lift can be used to collect cargo, such as [energon cubes or allow troops to be picked up from combat. Numerous hatches on the dorsal surface allow troops and crew to access the outside of the ship in order to make repairs or repel attacks.