Nemesis is the primary antagonist of the original Black & White videogame, depicted as a primordial god this formidable being sought to destroy all other gods in order to become the "one true god" and rule over the world (and quite possibly the universe itself).

The player-controlled "God" became an enemy of Nemesis for obvious reasons and Nemesis made himself known via cursing the land and unleashing many horrors, least of which was murdering his own Creature when it came to the player-controlled "God" to warn them of Nemesis.

Luckily for the world at large the Creature was able to tell the player-controlled "God" about the Creed, a means by which to slay even the gods, this becomes a major part of the game.

Nemesis attacks the player-controlled "God"'s village but they are rescued by another god named Khazar, who sought their aid against a god known as Lethys in return for resources to rebuild their village: however before Khazar can do this Nemesis destroys him and steals his piece of Creed.

Things get worse of the player-controlled "God" as Lethys kidnaps their creature and takes them to the third land - where the player-controlled "God" eventually frees their creature and is given a piece of the Creed and a vortex to the next land, where they find another piece of Creed.

The player-controlled "God" then returns to their original land to find it cursed by Nemesis, who has caused fire and brimstone to rain from the sky and the player-controlled "God" must undo the curses, upon doing so they gain another piece of the Creed.

Nemesis appears shortly after this and invites the player-controlled "God" to enter his realm, in the final confrontation Nemesis curses the player-controlled "God"'s Creature - making them slowly change alignments, shrink and grow weaker.

Again the player-controlled "God" must undo the curse and defeat Nemesis, gaining the final piece of the Creed and destroying Nemesis once and for all: leaving the player-controlled "God" the last god in the known world.