Friends, the stench of muties hangs heavy in our air! My first act as minister will be to ban these abominations from every area inhabited by normal people!
~ Nelson Bunker Kreelman's speech.

Nelson Bunker Kreelman was a major antagonist of the 2000 AD comic strip Strontium Dog. He is the father of the main protagonist Johnny Alpha.

Nelson was an nasty and bigoted politician of New Britain after a war in 2150 AD which wiped out 70% of the population. He was the man responsible for all the laws which prosecuted the mutant population and was responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths in his death camps. He had a mutated son, John Kreelman who he hated due to him being a mutant and frequently abused him (even locking his son in a cell for four years). Eventually John, having enough of his abuse, ran away to join the Mutant Army and became Johnny Alpha which started a bloody uprising which resulted in Nelson escaping from Earth and narrowly prevented a genocide against mutants.

Years later Johnny Alpha, who joined the Strontium Dogs, was hired to hunt down Nelson and found his father hiding on a isolated planet Stavros where the father and son met and Nelson started begging for his life. Johnny then trapped Nelson in a time loop which made him beg forever.

2 years later Nelson was freed by the Stix Brothers and then uses them to disguise himself as Norman King and made himself the new head of the Search/Destroy Agency in his attempt to get revenge of his son. Using a rubber mask he uses the Doghouse as his base of operation. Unfortunately for him, the Strontium Dogs discovered his deception and they all shoot him dead.


An evil, bigoted man full of hate, Nelson Kreelman was an sadistic man who wanted nothing more but to exterminate mutants. He hates mutants to the point of hating his own son and he repeatedly abused his son both physically and psychologically. He felt no remorse for killing hundreds of thousands in his death camps and for starting a bloody war which caused a huge loss of life and he gloated to the Strontium Dogs after he was found out that mutants should have been put down at birth and considered mutants to be a lower form of life.


Mutants are subhuman! They deserve to be wiped out — and one day they will be!
~ Nelson B. Kreelman expressing his hatred towards mutants.
If those knew who I really am, my life wouldn't be worth a light! But they won't find out — not until it's too late!
~ Nelson Bunker Kreelman
Yes, it's me, you scabrous scum — the one man more than any other you have cause to hate! Let me make it clear: the feeling is mutual! I loathe and despise you! You're a lower form of life — freaks who should have been put down at birth! I beat you once — and I almost beat you again! One man against a thousand of you — clear proof of the superiority of the normal races over mutants!
~ Nelson Bunker Kreelman



  • Kreelman founded an organization for young people called the Kreeler Youth, or 'K.Y. Boys'.
  • Kreelman also founded an Oxford college called Kreelman College.