Nektann is a villain from the BIONICLE series. Like the Piraka and Vezon , Nektann is a Skakdi warlord that hailed from the island called Zakaz. At first , he was a minor villain of the story. However, he eventually became the secondary antagonist whereas Makuta Teridax serves as the primary antagonist in the film, Bionicle: Journey's End .

He was eventually imprisoned in the new Pit following Teridax's defeat at the end of the battle in Bara Magna in Spherus Magna. However, he was then approached and released by the Barraki-turned Shadow Revenant Pridak , who have become the new leader of the Brotherhood of Makuta as he was appointed of becoming the new lieutenant of the Brotherhood's army. 


Powers & Abilities



  • Nektann's fortress did not contain a dungeon, torture chamber, or prisoner of war camp. It was because there was no point in torturing a Skakdi, as they don't usually talk unless they got their freedom. He, like the many captors, did not think that it was a fair trade.
  • Nektann was also known to be much more taller than an average Skakdi. However, he was much more shorter in the Bionicle Stars sets .