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Neko Yummy
The Neko Yummy is a cat Yummy created by Kazari by using a Cell Medal on the gluttonous Monta Fukuji. With a parasitic White Yummy having him submit to his gluttony, Monta consumes food voraciously. When Eiji fights Monta, he holds back because he is still human. However, the White Yummy emerges from Monta and transforms into the Neko Yummy, whose fat made him immune to cutting attacks. However, Kamen Rider OOO changes tactics and uses blunt attacks to weaken the Neko Yummy before attempting to use the Tatoba Kick to finish him, only to be saved by Kazari. Going back into Monta's body, the Yummy force feeds him to become complete while consuming the human from the inside out. However, assuming Takatorartar, Kamen Rider OOO manages to use his new found high speed kicks to keep the Yummy's wound open long enough to pull Monta out, allowing Kamen Rider OOO to use a Triple Scanning Charge OOO Bash attack to destroy the Yummy.

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