Neil Fisher is the secondary antagonist of Resident Evil Revelations 2.

Neil Fisher was a member and mole within Terrasave, a civil activist NGO, Claire Redfield's boss. He is also a former member of the FBC as he was supposed to be Morgan Lansdale's successor. He was Claire Redfield's boss. He was responsible behind the attack at the Terrasave Headquarters as he sold out his fellow Terrasave Members to Alex Wesker. Neil expecting Alex to give him a sample of Uroboros Virus but betrays him by suddenly injecting him with the virus. Claire and Moira later encounters Neil in the Tower where the Overseer/Alex Wesker was supposed to be speaking to them from and fights him in his mutated, Tyrant like form. Canonically, he is dealt the final blow by Moira with Claire's handgun thus overcoming her fear of firearms.


  • Superhuman Strength: After being injected with Uroboros, he gained superhuman strength, being able to perform large leaps and punch through metal containers. He was even able to pry open the doors of an elevator.
  • Superhuman Durability: He has displayed the advanced resilience the virus provides, allowing him to withstand and recover from explosions and burning quickly. However, he was not able to survive extensive brain damage caused by multiple shots into his mouth.
  • Accelerated Mutation: Upon receiving extensive amount of physical damage, he starts to develop adaptions by mutating, turning his damaged arm into a tentacled extending hand.