Negatron (Family Guy)
When there's a battle on a gently moving stream, you'll want me.
~ Negatron

Negatron is a Decepticon and a minor character only appearing in the Family Guy episode, Tiegs for Two.


When Brian gives hope that he would win the heart of a liberal woman named Denise, Peter suggests that he should sign up for Quagmire's class for attracting women. Brian is still doubtful of his situation, but Peter encourages him to ditch his negative attitude, comparing him to be as bad as "Negatron."

The scene then cuts to Megatron rallying his fellow Decepticons for another attack on the Autobots, but Negatron rebukes him, saying its not going to work. Megatron complains that they talked about this, and Negatron reminds him that the Autobots always win and Optimus Prime always survives. Megatron then claims that he should not be taking opinions from a robot that turns into a canoe, but Negatron reasons that when there's a battle on a river on a gently moving stream, he'll want him, and then proceeds to become a canoe afterwards.