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The Ayakashi Sisters

The Ayakaski Sisters aka the Negamoon Sisters.

The four Ayakashi Sisters (あやかしの四姉妹 Ayakashi no Yon Shimai), also known as the Negamoon Sisters and the Spectre Sisters (あやかしの四姉妹), are subordinates of Rubeus and they are minions of the Black Moon Clan. Their name is roughly translated in the subtitled DVDs as The Four Phantom Sisters; the exact meaning of ayakashi is "ghost that appears at sea during a shipwreck.".

In the manga, the Ayakashi Sisters appear as the first line of offense in the Black Moon Clan's attack on Tokyo in the 20th century. They were sent back with the mission of attacking Sailor Moon's four guardian soldiers, to whom they appear to be more than a match for. The sisters are associated with things like UFOs, fortune telling, and communion with the dead. Each of the four sisters lures and attacks their counterpart Sailor Soldier in a very violent way before being killed by Sailor Moon. While each of the Sailor Soldiers are badly injured, Rubeus appears out of nowhere and captures them. The single exception to this is Calaveras, who is able to weaken Sailor Venus but as Rubeus had just been attacked, she is able to escape with Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask. The Black Moon Clan does not seem very concerned in the end about the loss of the sisters.

Although the Sisters are able to soundly defeat their Senshi opposite in direct combat in the manga, it is uncertain if they are more powerful than their Senshi counterparts. During Petz's confrontation with Sailor Jupiter, she alludes that their power is derived from the Evil Black Crystal, as she tells Jupiter "Your hurricane is of that level? Watch - the earring of the Evil Black Crystal can call a tornado!". This suggests that their victory over each Senshi is due to the power of the Black Crystal, as opposed to their own power.

Like the rest of the clan, they all have the Black Moon insignia and wear earrings made of  the same precious mineral, the Evil Black Crystal.

In the anime, the four sisters receive considerably more screen time, and thus their characters are expanded. Instead of taking up "weird" hobbies, they are portrayed as shallow superhuman girls, thus being equally as concerned over their beauty as their mission, splurging on cosmetics, clothes, jewelry, and perfume, much to Rubeus's chagrin. The standoffs in the anime between the sisters and their counterparts begin to take place, except at the end each of the sisters is healed by Sailor Moon's Silver Crystal. They also seem to be more evenly matched, power wise, in the anime compared to their Senshi counterparts. The four of them are healed by Sailor Moon, and they become powerless humans and mourn their traumatic past on the Planet Nemesis while running a makeup stand.

As in the manga, they all have the Black Moon insignia, though they do not wear earrings made of Black Crystal.


The Negamoon SIsters

The Negamoon Sisters aka the Ayakashi Sisters.

Often they send Droids to help them take over the Crystal Points for Rubeus, but their plans are foiled by the Sailor Scouts each time. Eventually, around the time Rubeus decides to kick them out, each of the Ayakashi Sisters wishes to turn good, and is healed by Sailor Moon using Moon Crystal Healing Activation. Afterwards, they ran a cosmetic shop.


The Ayakashi Sisters were sent to capture a brat known as "Rabbit" (Chibiusa) and to gather people to hypnotize them into working for the Black Moon. The first sent was Koan, who posed at Koan Kurozuki as a student at Rei Hino's school. She capture Sailor Mars but was destroyed by Sailor Moon's Moon Princess Halation. Berthier was sent next, and captured Sailor Mercury, but was destroyed by Moon Princess Halation. Petz was sent out next, and sent a virus throughout Tokyo, and captured Sailor Jupiter, but was destroyed by Sailor Moon. Last was Calaveras, who tried to capture Sailor Venus while she posed as a person who could see the future, but was destroyed.


Petz, Calaveras, and Koan appeared in the musical Tanjou! Ankoku no Princess Black Lady, and in its revision Berthier was also present with her sisters. In this continuity they had a group attack called "Black Vicious Crystal," performed with Esmeraude in the first musical and with only the four sisters in the kaiteiban.

Known Members



  • Their North American dub name is Negamoon Sisters.
  • In the Kodansha English version of the manga, they were called the Spectre Sisters.
  • In early concept art they were titled as the "Four Weird Sisters".
  • In the Mixx manga they were referred to as "The Four Sisters of Deception", while the Kodansha release called them the "Spectre Sisters". The ADV subtitles called them "The Four Phantom Sisters".

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