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Nega Timmy is the evil alter-ego of Timmy when he wished he could do the opposite of what his parents tell him to do. It goes well until they tell him to be a good boy. Timmy then turns evil and tries to hit a satellite causing it to fall and crash into Mt. Dimmsdale with the lava flow resulting in the destruction of the Dimmsdale Dam creating a massive flooding disaster that will destroy the makeup factory ridding all beauty in Dimmsdale, until Mr. Turner told him to be as evil as possible. He may be a spoof a Dracula or another vampire, considering the fangs, the paleness the tounge and the outfit.

Nega Timmy


  • Nega Timmy is like an "Anti-Timmy" because of his evilness and appearance similar to that of the Anti-Fairies.
  • It's odd how Nega-Timmy wants to destroy all beauty all around dimmsdale when any normal villain would usually aim to destroy earth or to take over the world.
  • He is known for smiling like a pirate (image not shown).

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