Nega DenLiner

The Nega DenLiner is Nega Den-O's transportation system, a bullet train, similar to DenLiner Gouka in appearance, but as in the style of Nega Den-O, it has tribal markings all over it. In comparison to DenLiner Gouka, the Nega DenLiner's second to fourth cars open up to reveal Gigandeaths. The first car is a laser cannon, the second holds two Gigandeath Hades that fire lasers, the third car holds a small Gigandeath Hell that launches bombs, and the fourth car holds a Gigandeath Heaven. It was destroyed, along with Negataros, by the DenLiner, ZeroLiner, and Castle Doran's combined might. It is never explained or shown where it came from or how Negataros obtained it.

Nega DenLiner Ganbaride card