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Lord Neff


Welcome to your doom!
~ Neff

Neff is a demonic god from the Underworld who is the main villain of the 1988 beat 'em up videogame Altered Beast.

Neff kidnaps Zeus's daughter, Athena, planning to use her and drain her power to become more powerful.

Zeus then revives a fallen Roman centurion, granting him the power to turn into different beasts, then commanding him to rescue his daughter. Neff uses his powers to transform into numerous monsters and attempt to stop the hero.

In the final battle at the Underworld's lost City of Dis where Neff presided over, the hero transforms into a golden werewolf, while Neff transforms into a bulky rhino. However, Neff is ultimately defeated, falling exhausted, while Athena escapes him and was finally free.


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