Why do I smell life under that pile of bones?
~ Neferpitou to Rammot

Neferpitou (ネフェルピトー Neferupitō, nicknamed Pitou), is a Chimera Ant and the firstborn, as well as the strongest of the King's three Royal Guards in the anime Hunter x Hunter.


Neferpitou has the appearance of a humanoid cat with wavy white hair. Her cat-like ears and tail are covered with white fur. She has purple and yellow eyes and a joint demarcated knee. Her paws are slightly bigger than regular hands at her body size. She wears a blue overcoat with six yellow buttons and cufflinks, shorts and orange socks with thin black stripes, and a pair of blue shoes. 


Neferpitou is quickly shown to have a sadistic and unmerciful personality, taking pleasure in killing enemies much like a cat would with its prey. Her aura is described to be evil and terrifying, and has proven enough to scare off strong opponents with its sheer presence.  

However, like all of the Royal Guards, Neferpitou is extremely loyal and sympathetic to the King, so she would go to extreme measures to assure his safety and well-being. This is shown when she goes out of her way to protect Komugi under his orders, knowing how much she means to him, gladly sacrificing her own life if it meant extinguishing a threat to the King.  

During her fight against Adult Gon, she is shown to have some respect for powerful enemies and admires Gon's resolve to sacrifice his life force and talent to kill her.



Neferpitou is the first of the three Royal Guards born for the Chimera Ant King, Meruem. She was personally named by the Chimera Ant Queen, as were the rest of the Royal Guards. Pitou, similarly to the other Royal Guards, has no memories of her previous life.

Chimera Ant arc

Neferpitou first appears when Rammot and Peggy look for the missing rare prey, Pokkle, in the Chimera Ant nest in NGL. Rammot, having acquired Nen after being attacked with it, suddenly feels Neferpitou's frightening aura. Pitou enters the room and smells life hidden under a pile of bones, discovering Pokkle. Pokkle is manipulated by Neferpitou and she extracts from him vital iformation about Nen and Hatsu water divination; afterwards, he is brutally killed and fed to the Queen.

Neferpitou discovers that she's a Specialist and exits the nest to explore the extent of the newfound powers. Meanwhile, Kite, Killua, and Gon have made their way through an ant-infested wilderness to the Chimera Ant nest and plan on killing the Queen before she can give birth to the King. Suddenly, Kite feels a powerful surge of En. Kite then understands the depths of the malignant aura emanating from Neferpitou. He tells Gon and Killua to run, but Neferpitou has already located the trio and slashes off Kite's arm in an instant. Gon quickly unleashes his aura after seeing Kite's arm ripped off, but Killua knocks him unconscious and runs away with him. Neferpitou battles and kills Kite, having enjoyed the match, decides to re-animate Kite's dead body as one of her puppets so she can enjoy another fight and for other Chimera Ants to have something to try with.

The Queen is mutilated during the birth of the King, who then leaves the nest with all three Royal Guards. Some of the remaining Chimera Ants flee NGL and start their own independent lives. Neferpitou assists the King in overthrowing the government of the Republic of East Gorteau. Under the guise of the former king of the Republic, Ming Jol-ik, the Chimera Ant King initiates the process of forcibly awakening Nen in the civilians of East Gorteau in order to form his own personal army to conquer the world—resulting in the deaths of millions unable to awaken Nen. As Ants formerly under the Queen's rule rejoin the King, the Hunters Association mobilizes quickly to stop the oncoming slaughters by sending in an Extermination Team of Hunters to East Gorteau.

Residing in the East Gorteau palace, Neferpitou uses her Nen ability to manipulate hundreds of soldiers in the capital city of Peijin to rally the citizens of the country. Their plans are thwarted by Killua, Knov, and Morel. As the day of the selection finally occurs, the Extermination Team attacks the palace and causes massive damage. The King's consort, Komugi, is mortally wounded and under the King's orders, Neferpitou heals her. Gon, however, threatens to kill Komugi unless Neferpitou agrees to restore Kite following the girl's treatment. Though a promise was made to go with Gon to Peijin to restore Kite, once she reached the area, Neferpitou reveals to Gon that it is impossible. At the same time, she readies herself to kill Gon and eliminate a major threat to Meruem once and for all. Blinded with rage Gon unhinges himself and forcibly ages his body through sacrificing nearly all of his aura and kills Neferpitou in battle. Although Terpsichora, Neferpitou's combat ability, activated itself after her death, it failed and Gon survived the surprise attack.