Nefasto is a villain in the 2001-2002 Brazilian television series Rá-Tim-Bum Island He is an evil wizard who also happened to be a dangerous bacterium created by Arielibã (an ancient scientist and inhabitant of the island "Rá-Tim-Bum") in an experiment; but, Nefasto rebelled against Arielibã, and mixed with his body, so, his body gets so sick that became a mixture of bacterium and human, and we were possessed by Nefasto, and Arielibã is killed, but his soul still exists.


Nefasto wants domains the human world, but for this, needs to understand them, so, he uses the magic staff of Arielibã to bring five teenagers to his island, where he will spies their acts (with "Guarana's cameras", that is cameras disguised as Guarana's fruits), to understand them. So, he feigns be Arielibã. 

A witch (she is from an ancient race of wizards: theguievenermuquese) named Hipácia is an old habitant of the island, and with a potion named Moftaa Shabaab, lived during 8000 years, and in some moment in her life, she lived in Alexandria and escapedfrom there, and on the island, worked with Arielibã on experiments to improve the world, but in one of these experiments was Nefasto, that killed Arielibã and made her sad; how Nefasto knew about Hipácia (Hypacia), tries to use the Moftaa Shabaab to get immortality, because the life of a bacterium in a human body is too short.

He tries to catch the Hammer of Volcano in the movie to conquest the world.

After, he was killed when Propolis was injected in Arielibã body, and Arielibã die soon after.

His name means "Nefarious".


Nefasto is not an evil genius, but a bit intelligent, and think he is more intelligent than his own henchmen.

Powers and Abilities

Nefasto is like a wizard, because he uses the staff of Arielibã. Due to him being a bacterium, can possess the body of the victim and make him sick.


  • He was portrayed by Ernani Moraes.