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The Nefarious Empire is a faction ruled by the vile scientist Dr. Nefarious. The Empire was once one of the strongest forces in the universe.

Notable Figures

Controlled Planets


  • Magmos
  • Nefarious' Ice World
  • Aquatos
  • Tyhrranosis
  • Daxx
  • Obani
  • Koros
  • Mylon


  • Capital City (controlled part), Marcadia
  • Deep Sea Hideout, Aquatos
  • Korgon Base, Tyhrranosis
  • Kavu Island, Tyhrranosis
  • Research Facility, Daxx
  • Lot 42, Holostar Studios
  • Obani Gemini
  • Obani Pollux
  • Obani Draco
  • Blackwater City (controlled part), Rilgar
  • Hidden Base, Rilgar
  • Zeldrin Starport
  • Crash Site, Zeldrin
  • Kerwan (controlled part), Metropolis
  • Outpost X12 (controlled part, Aridia
  • Ion Cannon, Koros
  • Command Center, Mylon
  • Launch Site, Mylon


  • Great Clock
  • Nefarious Space Station
  • Quantos
  • Terachnos
  • Vapedia
  • Zanifar


  • Axiom City, Terachnos
  • Valkyrie Citadel, Vapedia
  • Tombli Outpost, Zanifar
  • Sector One, Great Clock
  • Sector Two, Great Clock
  • Sector Three, Great Clock
  • Sector Four, Great Clock
  • Sector Five, Great Clock
  • Sector Nine, Great Clock

Allied Races

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