The Prophets spoke, I answered their call!
~ Neela upon being taken in to custody.

[[File:|thumb]] Neela was an antagonistic female Bajoran, a type of humanoid alien from the popular Star Trek franchise, she appeared in the Deep Space Nine series and was a terrorist involved with the Bajoran Militia.

She was portrayed by Robin Christopher.

Neela's ultimate goal was to assassinate the Bajoran spiritual leader known as Bareil Antos at the behest of the corrupt and power hungry Vedek Winn Adami. In order to achieve these goals she planted a bomb within Deep Space Nine's primary school in order to lure Bareil to the station. Fortunately the bomb exploded while the school was empty, if class had been in session the bombing would have killed many innocents (including young children). Neela also murdered Ensign Aquino after he caught her planning an escape route.

After learning that Bariel was on the way to DS9, Neela went to Winn and expressed second thoughts about carrying out the assassination. She agreed to proceed with the assassination after Winn reminded her that the prophets sometimes required large sacrifices.

Ultimately Neela's nature as a religious fanatic was exposed due to the work of Chief O'Brien. Commander Sisko stopped her from killing Bareil, and she was taken into custody. Presumably she was imprisoned for murder and terrorism. Neela refused to implicate Winn in the scenario but Sisko believed Winn (a known religious fanatic and fellow Bajoran) was involved in Neela's plot.