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Neela was an antagonistic female Bajoran, a type of humanoid alien from the popular Star Trek franchise, she appeared in the Deep Space Nine series and was a terrorist involved with the Bajoran Militia.

Neela's ultimate goal was to assassinate the Bajoran spiritual leader known as Bareil Antos and in order to achieve these goals she planted a bomb within Deep Space Nine's primary school in order to lure Bareil to the station, if successful this could of killed many innocents (including young children) : she also murdered Ensign Aquino after he caught her planning an escape route.

Ultimately Neela's nature as a religious fanatic was exposed and she was taken into custody, she will presumable be imprisoned for murder and terrorism : she refused to implicate Winn in the scenario but Sisko believed Winn (a known religious fanatic and fellow Bajoran) was involved in Neela's plot.

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