Everybody deserves to die.
~ Ned Trent

Ned Trent (formerly known as: Colonel Trent and known as simply Trent) is the main antagonist in the 1994 film The Specialist. He is a very skilled but psychotic explosives specialist that was employed by the CIA, but after his betrayal of his former friend turned archenemy Ray Quick, who is a very skilled explosives specialist (more so than Trent), he turned into the personal right-hand man to the crime lord Joe Leon.

He was portrayed by James Woods, who also portrayed Martin Walker and voiced Hades.

In the film

Being Employed by the CIA and Betraying Ray

Ned is a colonel and an explosives expert who works for the CIA alongside Captain Ray Quick. During a mission to blow up a car carrying a South American drug dealer, Ray notices that the car is also carrying a young girl and tells Ned to abort the mission. However, Ned ignores this and decides to detonate the bomb anyway, forcing Ray to try and stop it in time. He fails and the car is destroyed, leading a furious Ray to severely beat Ned before resigning from the CIA.

Serving the Leon family and helping May

A few years later, Ray has become a freelance hit man in Miami while Ned has gained employment from a crime boss named Joe Leon. Following the incident in South America, Ned had been dismissed from the CIA and is now obsessed with getting revenge on Ray. Meanwhile, Ray decides to take on a job from a woman named May Munro, whose parents were once murdered by Joe's gangster son, Tomas, and who now wants him dead. May introduces herself to Tomas under the name Adrian Hastings and soon becomes his girlfriend, only so she can watch the hits on his men.

Planning to Revenge Ray and Tomas Leon's Death

Joe and Ned contact the chief of police to place Ned in their bomb squad, and Joe entrusts Ned with the task of protecting his son. Ned forces May into a partnership with him so she can coax Ray out of hiding, but she fakes her death in an explosion that kills Tomas. Both Ned and Ray believe May to be dead and a furious Joe scolds Ned for failing to protect Tomas, though he lets him live only so that he can find Ray and bring him in.

Hunting Down Ray

Following May's supposed funeral, Ned and his men hunt down Ray while May reveals to Ray that she is in fact alive. They make love in a hotel but she leaves first thing in the morning, claiming she cannot be trusted, only to bump straight into Ned. She makes up an excuse as to why she didn't let Ned know she was alive, then steals a phone to warn Ray about Ned. When Ned and his men reach Ray's hotel suite, Ray triggers a bomb which causes the entire suite to break off the building and plunge into the sea, killing many of Ned's men. Ned survives and takes May to Joe, telling him that she was responsible for killing his son. Before Joe can have her killed, Ned convinces him to let him use her one last time in order to find Ray.

The Final Confrontation and Death

Ned takes May to a dockyard where he believes Ray is hiding and forces her to phone Ray, intending to ambush him as soon as he hears his voice. As Ned threateningly tells May to locate Ray, he is himself ambushed by Ray with several explosives, allowing May to slip past Ned and escape with Ray in a speedboat. Ray takes her to his booby-trapped warehouse hideout, rigged with pressure-sensitive mines hidden beneath the floorboards, but Ned tracks them there with a large bomb squad. Ned infiltrates the warehouse alone and holds Ray at gunpoint, taunting him about his sensitivity and preparing to deliver him to Joe so he can watch him die. However, as Ned walks forward, he accidentally steps on one of the mines which blasts him back onto the staircase. This causes a chain reaction of explosions and both Ray and May are forced to flee before the entire building is destroyed.