You said you had all the answers, Colonel!
~ Ned's last words after Colonel Dugan's defeat

Ned is the secondary antagonist in The Next Karate Kid.

He was played by Michael Cavalieri.


He is a skilled academy student with bullying tendencies (nearly the equivalent of Johnny Lawrence). He constantly tries to flirt with Julie, only to be rejected by her multiple times.

As a response to the rejections, he does whatever he can to make Julie's life miserable like getting her almost suspended from school by lying to Colonel Dugan that Julie was smoking. Later, after he sees Eric McGowen with Julie at the dance and when he sees them kiss in Eric's car, he smashes the car windows and challenges him to a fight.

After he and the other members of his group beat up Eric, Julie and Mr. Miyagi find them and take Eric, only to be stopped by Ned who tries to grab Julie. They both fight and Julie manages to defeat him. When Colonel Dugan orders Ned and the others to fight Julie, they all refuse and abandon him.


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