The Necrotic Blade of Doom

The Necrotic Blade of Doom

The Necrotic Blade of Doom is a deadly living sword with dark magical powers that is Sepulchure's weapon, and it acts as Sepulchure's superior and is one of antagonists of DragonFable and main antagonist of AdventureQuest Words: Zombies, In DragonFable, the sword always commands Sepulchure until it has been absorbed by the Mysterious Stranger.

AdventureQuest Worlds: Zombies

In the alternate timeline caused by Drakath, the Hero come in during the battle between King Alteon and Sepulchure to warn them about Drakath. When Drakath doesn't show up, Sepulchure takes the opportunity to attack the Hero only for King Alteon to take the hit.

Sepulchure's Doom Blade states that King Alteon isn't the Champion of Light as the Champion of Light's death is needed to open the portal to the Plane of Darkness. later on after Sepulchure killed Death Sepulchure doesn't find his daughter in his fortress as the Doom Blade states that she is the true Champion of Light (which explained why Gravelyn isn't undead like her father and how she lit up enough to hurt a Ghoul). This causes Sepulchure to prepare his flying fortress to go storm Battleon and target his own daughter. after Sepulchure beats Gravelyn who has not unlocked her power yet Sepulchure is about to deal the final blow to Gravelyn.

Sepulchure finds himself unable to kill his own daughter to the Doom Blade's dismay. Just then, Drakath appears and strikes at Gravelyn only for Sepulchure to take the hit. Gravelyn unleashes her full light powers to drive away Drakath. The Doom Blade then takes control of Sepulchure's body transforming it into Dark Sepulchure in order to finish the job.

The Hero ends up fighting Dark Sepulchure and managed to defeat him. Artix tells the Hero that a shadow creature can only be slain by the Blinding Light of Destiny as Dark Sepulchure gets up behind them. Gravelyn leaves her fight with Drakath and grabs the Doom Blade which she purifies into a weapon that destroys Dark Sepulchure and restores reality back to normal.