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Necros is the secondary antagonist in the 1987 James Bond film The Living Daylights.

He is portrayed by Andreas Wisniewski, who also played Tony Vreski.


Necros was General Georgi Koskov and Brad Whitaker's highly trained and disciplined Soviet assassin with KGB affiliations, but ultimately loyal to Koskov and Whitaker. A tall, blond, no-nonsense individual, his only vice seems to be an addiction to his personal stereo, which he is rarely seen without. Necros uses a great number of disguises and many techniques of killing, although strangulation seems to be a preferred method. His first priority is to see that Koskov is brought safely to Brad Whitaker's Tangier estate from the safe house in England where Koskov is being held by the British Intelligence. He completes this mission by disguising himself as a milkman, whereby he gains access to the intelligence compound. Subsequently, he radios in a report of a major gas leak within the building. This causes security to order an immediate evacuation. In the confusion, he abducts Koskov and effects his escape with the help of explosive grenades that look like milk bottles, killing several MI6 agents who attempt to apprehend him. Necros later kills Saunders, head of Station V in Vienna which becomes part of the operation to make the British secret service believe the Soviets have instituted a "Smiert Spionem" or "Death to Spies" operation. Necros himself is killed after a midair struggle with Bond on the holding net of a cargo plane. Necros pleads for his life, but Bond all to vividly remembers the death of the defenseless Saunders and lets Necros fall to his death.




  • His name comes from the word "necros" (meaning "death" in Greek).
  • Necros is always seen with his Walkman, which plays "Where Has Everybody Gone?" by the Pretenders. This song is heard over the end credits, and features on the 2012 editions of "Best of Bond...James Bond" CDs.

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