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Necrolai is the vicious and unrelenting Queen of the Vampires, who can fly to and from the surface world through the gate. She is the redeemed secondary antagonist in Power Rangers Mystic Force. She deceives Koragg from time to time when asked to, such as puncturing him with an arrow and attaching one of Sculpin's scales to track his whereabouts. She has a human daughter named Leelee whose father's identity is unknown. Necrolai might get carried away with pleasing the Master that she ignores her daughter, but when Itassis was going to unleash her wrath, Necrolai pleaded her to spare Leelee. She has the power to revive individuals such as Itassis. It was her daughter's confidence in her that caused her to revive Daggeron and Leanbow that caused her to become human.

See also her Super Sentai counterpart from Mahou Sentai Magiranger Phantom Spy Vancuria/ Nai and Mare

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