I am Nebukator, the great sorcerer. But you're only Rüdiger, the great coward.
~ Nebukator, in Rüdiger's dream

Nebukator is the main antagonist in the Austrian books Ritter Rüdiger. He's an evil sorcerer and alchemist who serves Lord Heinrich, promising to invent the Philosopher's Stone, but he truely has no interest in that and prefers making plans how to rule the castle Ehrenberg. Along with his servants Kuno and Bruno, he tries to invent different things which are actually already invented by the chinese. He's one of the few people who know that Rüdiger's a ghost.


In the first book, before Rüdiger becomes a ghost, he's bullying him by saying. "What's the smallest book in the world? The Hero Sagas of Ritter Rüdiger, it hasn't got even one page!". Later, he's a presumed traitor, when he appears in Rüdiger's dream, saying he'll destroy him and rule Ehrenberg.When Rüdiger's already a ghost, he tries to kill Rüdiger's donkey but fails because Rüdiger's tickling him. Shouting after his mommy, he runs away.  In the second book, he allies with the evil knight Moritz von Greifenwald to conquer Ehrenberg, but their plan fails. In the third book, he frees one of Moritz' henchmen from prison, so Moritz and Nebukator can restart their attack. Later, when Moritz is already defeated, Nebukator tries to kill Heinrich with a canon, one of "his" inventions, but fails when the dragon Feuermaul grabs him and throws him into the Plansee.


Nebukator appears again in the musical "Ritter Rüdiger" which doesn't follow the books' continuity. He's played by Bernhard "James" Lang. He hypnotises Heinrich, planning to marry him with his cousin Frederike and to send Heinrich's daughter Isabella to the monastery. But Alex, a boy from the 21st century who was sent to the past by Rüdiger, discovers Nebukator's "sorcerer-language": he says Latin words, but speaks them reversed (for example: "otse soem suvres"= servus meos esto= be my slave). When Alex frees Heinrich, he refuses the marriage. Like in the third book, Nebukator tries to shoot Heinrich but Feuermaul appears and burns the canon, which causes an explode that probably killed Nebukator. However, he's seen at the end of the musical, singing one phrase of the song "Ich liebe dich".

2nd Musical

Nebukator appears in the sequel of the musical, planning to get revenge. To do so, he seeks to use ancient weapons from inside a mountain: the pure elements of fire and ice. Using a crystal, he manages to summon a fleed of lava to destroy his enemies, however his plans get foiled again and he himself gets defeated again by Feuermaul's son.

Nebukator 2

Nebukator in the sequel while summonig the elements of fire and ice.


  • Despite his evil and calculating personality, Nebukator is scared and helpless when left alone in the dark, he even cries for his mommy. This possibly originates from a trauma sice in one scene in the musical, he tells the audience how much he cried when he called for his mommy and she didn't come.
  • He's suspected to be the murderer of Heinrich's wife in the musical, however it's never proved.