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Nea Walker

Nea Walker, also referred to as The Fourteenth, The Pianist, and The Musician, is the manipulative traitor and disowned member of The Noah Family. He is the younger brother of Mana Walker and the adopted uncle of Allen Walker. He was the only individual, besides the 9th of the Noah Family Road Kamelot and The Millennium Earl, who is able to control Noah's Ark.


35 years prior to current events, Nea, in order to become the new patriarch of the Noah Family, attempted to stop the Family and the Millennium Earl's plan to wipe out humanity. He succeeded in killing all the Noahs except Road and the Millennium Earl. During this time, he also locked the location of the Ark above Edo, making it impossible for the other Noah to change its location, although it remained otherwise functional. Eventually, he went on the run, attempting to keep his brother, Mana, safe and ensuring his eventual reincarnation should he die. He requested that Cross Marian watch over Mana, promising that one day he would return from the dead. Nea was eventually killed by the Earl, driving Mana insane and leading Cross to begin to search for his reincarnated form. Some twenty years later, he was reincarnated within Allen Walker, his adopted nephew.