Do me a favour will you, and feed Snappy?
~ The captain to Ace
Das war Ace Rimmer! Wir haben Glueck, dass wir noch am Leben sind!
~ The second soldier
Was fuer ein Kerl!
~ The third soldier about Ace

The Nazis are the antagonists from the Red Dwarf episode Stoke Me a Clipper. Although they live in another universe, they are actually the same Nazis as ours.

They are portrayed by Ken Morley (the captain), Mark Lingwood (the gestapo officer), Guy Winfield (the pilot), Mark Carlisle (the lieutenant), Kai Maurer, Stephan Grothgar and Andy Gell (soldiers).



Under unspecified circumstances, the Nazis capture Ace Rimmer and Princess Bonjela. While riding their aircraft with Ace abroad, the hero manages to escape his bonds by dislocating both shoulders and popping them behind his ears. He comes to the cockpit and kills two of Nazis there, but their captain then throws his alligator Snappy. As Ace is fighting Snappy, the Nazi captain puts a parachute on, drops a dynamite and jumps out of the plane.

However, Ace rolls out of the aircraft and uses Snappy as a surfboard in mid-air, air-sailing towards the captain who tries to shoot him. Snappy then bites the captain's head and Ace stoeals his parachute.

Meanwhile, a Nazi firing squad if about to execute Princess Bonjola in their base. Still in air, Ace shoots dead all of them and then lands in a shed. The armed Nazi soldiers run there and blast round upon round into the building. Suddenly, unharmed Ace powers out on a motorbike, shotting all Nazis around him. He then saves the princess and is about to leave the base, but one Nazi tails him. Ace leads his motorbike towards the wall, then presses a red button and flies above the wall. Unfortunately, the Nazi soldier has nothing like that on his motorbike, so he hits into it and blows up.

Back in the base, two Nazi soldiers stare at departing hero and are glad to be alive. Suddenly, Snappy falls down of the sky, flattening both soldiers. A third soldier then comes there, watching the sky where Ace sky-writes "Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast" by the smoke from his motorbike. The amazed soldier says "Was fuer ein Kerl!" ("What a guy!"), still looking skyward.


  • As the captain didn't land, it is possible Snappy ate him in mid-air.