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I am Nausizz, Messenger of Darkness. Those who dare to stand in my way shall surely see purgatory!
~ Nausizz

Nausizz is the main villain of the Crossed Swords series.


Crossed Sword

Nausizz is a powerful demon warlord, whose only purpose is to spread chaos and agony, said to appear during times when peace reigns and people become careless because of it. He arises in the land of Belkana, sending his army of creatures to destroy everything, killing all who stood in his way. A traveling warrior, who had heard of the chaos in Belkana, decided to challenge Nausizz forces, saving the small village of Dio. He heads to Castle Pulista, where the King briefs him of the situation and asks for his help. However, Nausizz's minions invade the castle and kidnap the princess, taking her to the Devil World. The traveling warrior fights through Nausizz's forces, being aided by many allies of the King. He enters the Devil World and invades Castle Graisia, where Nausizz greets him. Nausizz recognizes the prowess of the warrior and, surprisingly, being a demon with honor sends the princess back to Pulista. However, Nausizz declares that the warrior must now die. The warrior then battles Nausizz, who turns into a fiendish worm. Nausizz is defeated, so the warrior escapes the place and returns to Pulista, where the King offers his to live with them. With this, peace is restored in Belkana.

Crossed Swords 2

Obviously, this peace would not last for long. Years after Nausizz first arrival, his castle once again emerges from the underworld, right in the middle of Belkana, from where his evil army spreads once again to cause destruction. This time, three valiant warriors accept Nausizz's challenge. Nausizz summons his 2 servants, Zain and Gimell, who attempt to stop the warriors by summoning powerful monsters to fight them, but the warriors defeat the monsters and make their way after Nausizz's castle. As they approach the bridge near the castle, Zain and Gimell attempt to stop the three fighting by themselves, but they end defeated. The warriors enter the castle, so Nausizz greets them and engage them in combat. Once again he turns into a fiendish dragon but, as they prove too much for him, he transforms into a more demonic form. Nausizz is defeated, and the warriors flee his castle as it collapses. On the outside, Nausizz appears after the warriors in spectral form, congratulating them for defeating him and for their bravery and alerting them that he shall return when people dwell again in the carelessness of peace. With his last words, he returns back to the demon world.


Nausizz, altough being a ruthless demon, also possesses a strong sense of honour, respecting warriors with bravery and might: even giving his vanquishers an advice how not to fight him in the future.


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