Natsumi Hinata (in Japanese: 日向 夏美 Hinata Natsumi) is the main protagonist in the anime/manga series Keroro Gunso (Sgt. Frog in North America). She is the older sister of Fuyuki Hinata and the daughter of Aki and Haru Hinata.

In the anime, she is voiced by Chiwa Saito in the original Japanese version, while in the English dub she is voiced by Cherami Leigh.


Natsumi has pink hair usually tied into pigtails and has brown eyes with fair skin (tan in the anime because of all the sports she plays).


Natsumi is a fiery, vivacious, and effervescent teenager whose most notable points are her great athletic abilities and her bitter rivalry with the series' antihero, Sergeant Keroro. She is also a violent, hot-tempered, temperamental, and tomboyish girl, which explains her athleticism. Natsumi was initially an obstreperous crybaby, but became stronger as she grew up. Natsumi hates her brother Fuyuki's dimwittedness and laziness.


Nothing much is really known about Natsumi's past, but it has been said that she owned a doll named Nuii (as Kuu-chan) as a child, and did everything with her. However, Aki, Natsumi's mom, then made her leave Kuu-Chan at a garbage pile. A few years later, Natsumi found Nuii exactly in the same condition, and she brought her home. Natsumi was unaware of Nuii turning her friends into dolls, and when Keroro and Kururu confront her, Natsumi says they're wrong and she runs away with Nuii. After Nuii reveals to have done it, Natsumi still doesn't believe it. However, Nuii seems to still remember Natsumi, as when Nuii was about to attack Natsumi, she showed her the bow and she stopped. Nuii even stopped Gyororo from harming them. Later on Nuii says goodbye to Natsumi to search for her original owner on Keron.


  • Her name literally translates to "summer beauty".
  • She has done some villainous acts throughout the series, such as violently abusing Keroro for example.