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Natsumi is the first Spirit who first appears in Volume 8. Later in the series, she becomes a secondary recurring protagonist.

Reine speculate that Natsumi silently appeared on Earth from the other dimension many times in the past out of curiosity and during those time she learned a bit about human society and how it work.

Physical Description

Adult Form

Natsumi has jade-colored hair and eyes. She wears a purple semi-transparent suit with star patterns over it. A belt is hung at her waist and some clothing are attached to it. She wears a cape and a witch hat with a pair of bat wings and a belt with a gemstone on its front. Put simply, her appearance resembles that of a flashy witch.

Child Form

It was later revealed that her true form/normal form is a little girl with the appearance of an unhealthy child in a sense that she doesn’t take care of her body as in maintaining it. However after Shido and the girls (all the seal Spirits) clean her up and did a makeover, Natsumi have the appearance of a cute petite girl.

Psychological Description

The personality of the pre-sealed Natsumi is best described as self-loathing. Natsumi had a physiological perception problem in which she perceived everything negatively including herself. She was prone to be jealous of others that have facial and/or body types that are considered attractive or beautiful in which she does not have.

Reine speculated that Natsumi developed this way of thinking from past experiences on Earth while in her normal form. However, due to her power to transform and shape-shift, she tries to act and take on the persona of that form with a twist of her own personality in order to do some mischievous deeds. In addition, she created an "Onee-san" form in which she perceives as the perfect image of herself. However, it seemed that Natsumi's true nature is that of a curious child that wants attention along the lines of: "I want to be noticed, I want to be praised, I want to be acknowledged, and/or I want to be liked."


Natsumi first appeared when she was in an abandoned amusement park outside of Tenguu city where she met Shido when Ratatoskr detected her Spirit Mana.

They chatted a bit as Shido tried to warm up to Natsumi and things were starting to go well until the Wizards from the Anti Spirit Team arrived and began attacking Natsumi. This was not a problem for Natsumi, Natsumi turned the AST and their weapons into cute cartoonish creatures and objects. However, a problem arose when a stray missile turned carrot exploded near of Natsumi and Shido and threw dust into the air. This caused Natsumi to temporarily release her transformation power and caused Shido to cover his eye from the light emitted from Natsumi. When Shido was able see again, Natsumi got angry at Shido and thought that Shido saw her secret. She left the place quickly after threatening Shido for knowing her secret (Shido Shido did not really knew her secret).

In the next day, Natsumi transformed into Shido and went to his school to complete her "threat". Coincidentally, Shido had something to do and was going to be late for school, so Natsumi disguised as Shido sexually harassed every girl that was an acquaintance to Shido in order to ruin his image and reputation on his own school. It was working until she was discovered as a fake in a illogical way by Tohka Yatogami and Origami Tobiichi. She was in disbelief for a moment before she got angry again and left the scene after she made another threatening comment to Shido.

Five days later, Natsumi sent a letter to Shido’s house challenging him to a twisted form of “Hide & Seek,” where the objective of the game was for Shido to find which person Natsumi transformed into and if he failed to guess the right one, the real person would disappear. During her game, Natsumi watched in enjoyment as Shido guessed and failed each time. However, at the end, Shido figured out which one was Natsumi with a few helpful hints from the people that did not disappear yet, and Natsumi’s Angel released the captives as promised. However, Shido pointed out that her own transformation was released and her normal form was revealed. She reacted violently, immediately activating her Angel and transformed all people on the place that saw her in her normal form into little kids, except Shido (the accumulated mana from previous Spirits in his body protected him), and she left the scene..

For next days, Natsumi used her powers to harass Shido, tried to turn him into a sexual criminal and tried tu ruin his image. During those times, Natsumi speculated that Shido must have a large organization backing him. In Volume 9, her hiding place was later found by Ratatoskr and Natsumi escaped to a inhabited mountain side. There, she was ambushed and attacked by Ellen Mira Mathers and she got heavily injured. When Ellen was about to attack her again, she was saved by Shido and the other Spirits with him from Ellen. Later, she was then transported to the Fraxinus aircraft, in the process, she returning to her original form on the way. Kotori and the others affected by Natsumi's magic were turned back to normal as well as her transformation ability was released when she lost consciousness.

Natsumi woke up to the place controlled by the Ratatoskr. Due to her wound, she couldn’t use her power to escape and had to bear with the interactions and events that happened around her. When she finally had enough power, she transformed and escaped from the place, but not before she gained a unexpected information. She transformed again after she bumped into Shido and hid. She then watched Shido as he looked for her, and she felt something in her heart as she observed Shido trying his best to find her. She observed Shido not escaping when the spacequake alarm went off in order to destroy a large falling object from the sky as well as fighting off the "doll" that was protecting it; a conspiracy lead by Roger Murdoch, a officer from DEM Industries Board of Members, created a plan in order to kill Isaac Ray Peram Westcott. His plan was to lauch 3 Satellite Humpty Dumpty to kill Westcott, however,  in the process, the whole Tenguu City would be destroyed. But, when Shido was in danger and no one could save him, Natsumi appeared against her will and saved Shido. The battle continued, but with the combined effort of Natsumi, Shido, and Tohka, they destroyed the falling object and saved the town. After the battle, Natsumi cried as the group gave her unexpected praise for her actions.

After being sealed, she wanted to repay Shido and the other Spirits in return for helping her. However, because of her habit to overthink things, she is still mentally unstable, which often causes her to transform back into her adult form. She still likes to tease Shido and the others in her adult form.

Powers & Abilities

Her Angel is Haniel, which takes the form of a broomstick. It's ability is to transform the target into any form Natsumi wants. This includes people as well as objects. Such as turning some of the Anti Spirit Team members into cute animals during their battle. The Angel has a gem on the tip that can turn into a mirror which can entrap anyone inside. Her AST code name is Witch.

Angel: Haniel

Weapon: Broom

Astral Dress: YHVH Tzabaoth

Natsumi has the power of transformation & shape-shifting. This allows her to turn something into something else within her visual range, that also includes herself. If she loses concentration or for whatever reason becomes unconscious, everything that she transformed will return to it's original state. When an object or subject is transformed into something else depending on what it's transformed into; usually it becomes less powerful then the original or the reverse of that and they become more powerful (which we have not yet seen, as it hasn't happened yet in the Novel). The transformed objects or subjects, including herself, if she transforms, will be near perfect copies of whatever they are transformed into; however they will not acquire the memories of whoever they transform into.

Natsumi's Angel "Haniel" besides being able to fly and the transformation of objects or subjects of Natsumi’s choice, it has the unique ability of sending things into her own personal dimension through a mirror similar to Kurumi's shadow dimension. It seems that while in Natsumi’s personal dimension the objects or subjects will be in like a "Stasis Field."



  • Natsumi's name also reflects the naming pattern amongst Spirit characters. Natsumi's name is written as a kanji that means "seven" composing her name. The "seven" in her name refers to the Seventh Sephirah in the Tree of Life of Kabbalah, pertaining to "Victory" & "Eternalty."
  • Her angel Haniel's name means "The glory or grace of God" or "The one who sees God."
  • Haniel is generally associated with planet Venus.


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