Natron is an antagonist in the series Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, serving as the main antagonist of the episode "Ancient Evil".

He was voiced by Diedrich Bader, who also voiced Warp Darkmatter


Natron was the mummified king who rules the galaxy thousands of years ago until he was overthrown and entombed on his homeworld Planet X by an unnamed hero known as the Protector. Despite Natron's defeat, his legacy was well known throughout the entire galaxy, even the infamous Emperor Zurg considers him to be a famed idol of his as he tells the legend of Natron to his fellow Grubs.

Eventually, it wasn't until several LGMs explored the ruins of Planet X, that they run into trouble of something monstrous inside the tombs. Catching up to the LGMs' recent activities through their transmission, the Grubs inform Zurg, who decides to send his right hand Warp Darkmatter over to Planet X and bring over Natron to form an alliance with him. However, Team Lightyear has arrived at Planet X to investigate, and although they found the LGMs, a battle between Team Lightyear and an arriving Warp accidentally opens a tomb, setting Natron free.

Taking Warp prisoner, Natron uses a transfusion process to drain much of Warp's lifeforce to become strong, leaving Warp frail and old, much to Buzz's shock. Natron also states that he has no intentions of forming an alliance with Zurg, as he plans to retake control of the galaxy for himself. Activating his ancient warship, Natron flies off into space, where he commands his attack on Star Command, immobilizing all of its staff. Natron then flies off to Capital Planet, where he lands his ship and starts immobilizing thousands of citizens. Fortunately, Team Lightyear arrives at the rescue and used an armor (built by the LGMs) to prevent Natron's magic from affecting them. Warp also gets the LGMs to bring the transfusion process that will restore his life force to stop Natron, freeing everyone from Natron's control.

With Natron defeated again, he is buried back into the tombs of Planet X, and Mira melts down the tomb door to ensure that Natron will never escape again.


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