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Natasi Daala


Full name
Natasi Daala
Admiral Daala
Chief Daala
Empress Palpatina
Jedi Academy Trilogy: Jedi Search
Wilhuff Tarkin's protégée, administrator of the Maw Installation, Imperial admiral, captain of the Gorgon, Imperial Head of State, commander of the Maw Irregular Fleet, captain of the Chimaera, Galactic Alliance Chief of State, candidate for Imperial Head of State
Combat skills, brilliant tactician, political maneuvering
Galactic Empire (Wilhuff Tarkin), Maw Installation, Imperial Remnant (Gilad Pellaeon), Mandalorians (Boba Fett), Galactic Alliance, Drikl Lecersen (coerced), Abeloth (as Lydea Pagorski)
Rebel Alliance, New Republic, New Jedi Order, Lumiya's Sith, Darth Caedus, Kyp Durron, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Tahiri Veila, Luke Skywalker, Jagged Fel, Vitor Reige, Drikl Lecersen (formerly), Tol Getelles, Lecersen Conspiracy, Wraith Squadron
Bringing order to the galaxy, serving the Empire, spreading anti-Jedi sentiment
Wilhuff Tarkin (former lover)
Lieugeus Vorn (late husband)
Unidentified children and grandchildren
Gilad Pellaeon (colleague)
Nek Bwua'tu (former lover)
To bring order to the galaxy
To restore the Empire to its former glory (formerly)
To destroy Darth Caedus (succeeded)
To turn the galaxy against the Jedi
To become Imperial Head of State (failed)

Admiral Natasi Daala was an officer of the Galactic Empire. She has the distinction of being the first female Admiral in the Imperial Navy, partially due to her relationship with Grand Moff Tarkin.

Following the rise of the New Republic, she became the leader of the Imperial Remnant and made repeated attempts to destroy the Republic and restore the Empire to its full strength, but was unsucessful.

Though the Republic believed her to be dead, Daala resurfaced nearly 30 years after her last defeat and replaced Darth Caedus as the Chief of State of the Galactic Alliance. In her first few years as Chief of State she seemed to have rejected her Imperial tendencies in her efforts to repair the damage done by Caedus, and there was peace for a few years; she later, however, became distrustful and paranoid towards the Jedi Order, fearing that more would fall to the Dark Side like Caedus had.

She would soon exile Grand Master Luke Skywalker and launch a campaign to eliminate the Jedi. However, after she ordered a siege of the Jedi Temple and entered a severe dispite with the acting Grand Master, Kenth Hamner, her actions caused her to be perceived more negatively by the public and viewed as a tyrant by the Jedi. Unable to handle her increasingly extreme policies, a group of Jedi led a coup to depose her. Sent to prison, Daala was able to escape from confinement with the help of the bounty hunter Boba Fett and began to plan her revenge on those who had removed her from power.

Daala attempted to strike back by removing Head of State Jagged Fel from power and placing herself in charge of the Imperial Remnant. However, her assassination attempt on Fel's life was foiled when the "assassin", Moff Tol Getelles, turned out to be working for Fel. This placed Daala and Fel at a stalemate that led Daala agree to a democratic election, which would be slated in her favor from the beginning, thanks to the Force entity Abeloth. Fortunately, Imperial Hand Tahiri Veila and Manda'lor Boba Fett worked together to destroy the Abeloth avatar assisting Daala, which was ensured after Fel fired on the planet.

Upon learning that Fel had fired on her campaign headquarters, Daala was sure that the election was in her favor. Unfortunately for her, Fel came back with intelligence that Moff Getelles had been performing illegal experiments on the dangerous droch species, something considered incorrigible in both the Galactic Alliance and the Imperial Remnant. Daala retorted that this was obviously a lie to the blame toward. However, Fel would have nothing to gain from such a deception, as he had already removed his name from the ballot. Thus, Daala lost the election to Imperial Admiral Vitor Reige, the former adjutant of her old friend Gilad Pellaeon.

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