Natasha Romanova (in Russian: Наташа Романова) was the head of COSMORUS, the space agency of Russia, as well as a SOMBRA agent. She was first seen in "Die by the Sword" (Case #12 of World Edition). Although she did not kill anyone, she convinced cosmonaut Yelena Tereshkova to kill Russian senator Vitaly Borodin in "Countdown to Murder" (Case #18 of World Edition). She was later murdered in "The Darkest Hour" (Case #56 of World Edition) by Sarah Bennett.


Natasha is the 56-year-old now-former head of COSMORUS and mother of the Bureau's profiler Marina Romanova. She has wavy red hair, a golden band around her neck, a dark forest green and white suit with the logo of COSMORUS pinned on it, and red nail polish.