Spare you? Why should I, I'm sure the people who died here wanted to be spared! But they didn't even get a chance to beg for their lives, did they? They died because of you, and no YOU'RE going to join them Faroi!
~ Nataru, just before he murdered Faroi

Nataru Shinmyou is a childhood friend of Birdy Cephon Altera, the main protagonist of Birdy The Mighty Decode, and had been in love with her for many years. Despite beginning as a well-meaning and selfless individual, after the Ryunka killed countless innocent people including his best friend he became consumed by rage and became a merciless serial killer, hunting down everyone responsible for the Ryunka eperiment who brought it to Earth.


Nataru was an Ixuran experiment who was kidnapped as a baby from Cephon Labs by the terrorist organisation East Alta, only for his execution to be recommended by the rest of the group for his apparent uselessness (as the group was unaware that he was in fact able to bend the space-time continuum to his will).

He was saved by a member of East Alta, Dusk, rescuing him and taking him in as his own child. Nataru up on Alta and became good friends with Birdy, and the two often engaged in adventures around the planet as children. When Nataru was bullied as a child, Birdy would often be the one who rescued him, causing him to develop a great admiration for his friend and eventually fall in love with her.

After the Altan Liberation Front destroyed the central tower, the other people of the planet began intensely persecuting Altans, so Nataru and his father Dusk escaped to Earth.

Nataru led a peaceful liffe on Earth and eventually became a nurse in a japanese hospital. He lived a charmed "human" life until the Ryunka wiped out the corner of the city he was residing in, killing his best friend and setting him on a path of vengeance...