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Natani is a major character and anti-heroine of the long running webcomic "Twokinds". She is a wolf keidrein and later became keithslove interest.


Natani is a very hardheaded and tough brute, She often does not like to express her emotions and has issues with her secret. She is shown to be very violent and sometimes cruel, but she is also shown to be very sensitive and caring whenever it's needed.

Relationship with Keith

At first Natani hated Keith and rarely spoke to him. She would usually act hostile towards him and would constantly restrain himself from talking to Keith. But later she accidently went into the same bath as him and revealed who she really was. After this she made Keith keep her condition a secret and actually had an intimate moment with him. Later after discovering his past and even talking to him for a while, Natani was growing more and more fond of Keith, down to the point to where she actually kissed keith.

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