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Natalya and Popov are the main antagonists of Air Bud: Golden Receiver. They are 2 Russian siblings who kidnap Buddy in hopes of having him perform as the special attraction in the Russian circus.

They were portrayed by Nora Dunn and Perry Anzilott.

Later on in the movie, Buddy and the other animals manage to escape and Natalya and Popov are arrested and placed into the custody of the Russian embassy after their van falls into a lake following a chase sequence.


In Air Bud: Golden Receiver

They are first seen when Natalya is practicing a performance and gets interrupted by Popov who had just returned with a chimpanzee he stole. They discover Buddy on T.V. and decide to steal him for their Russian circus. They use an ice cream truck to capture Buddy and whenever children would ask for ice cream they would tell them to go away. They kidnap Buddy one night when his owner Josh Framm runs away from home and later on, Buddy and the other animals escape from their kidnappers and Natalya and Popov are arrested and placed in custody of the Russian embassy.