Natalie Gale
Natalie Gale is the main villainess in "Blood Is Thicker," a second season episode of Elementary.

She was played by Margaret Colin.

Natalie Gale is married to billionaire Ian Gale, but she had been planning to divorce him for 10 months. When Ian needed a heart transplant, however, Natalie planned to kill him in order to get 10 times more than she would in a divorce settlement. She convinced Ian to reach out to Haley Tyler, Ian's illegitimate daughter, who has the same rare blood type as Ian. Natalie, a retired doctor, gave Haley an injection and told her that it was for medical research. In actuality, Natalie was poisoning Haley's blood so it would also poison and eventually kill Ian when it was tranfused to his body. In an earlier interrogation, Natalie revealed that she gave up 20% of the inheritance to Haley, but it was mainly to maintain Haley's trust in Natalie. To keep Haley from finding out what was really wrong with her, the evil Natalie killed Haley with a single stab wound and tried to make it look like a botched robbery, but when Haley fell off the balcony instead, Natalie fled the scene.