Natalie Buxton

The sociopathic Natalie Buxton

Natalie Buxton is a villain from British TV drama Bad Girls—and she is depicted as a violent, manipulative bully, who will do anything to get her own way. She is portrayed by Dannielle Brent.

She is brought to Larkham Hall, after being arrested for running a paedophile ring - which was disguised as a language school, run by her.

During her time in prison, she also develops an intense rivalry with fellow inmate Pat Kerrigan (who is convicted of stabbing her abusive boyfriend).

Buxton also controls the other prisoners around her, by physically intimidating the weaker girls - and by manipulating the more clever ones, who aren't going to be so easily intimidated.

There is also a point in the series, where Buxton does very nearly escape from prison: when she is taken to see a child, whilst she is under escort from a prison officer. After they have finished, she later attacks the officer and hand-cuffs him to a table - before she then runs away. However, she is soon recaptured and brought back to Larkham Hall.


Buxton vs. Kerrigan

Her rivalry with Kerrigan finally reaches it's climax, when Buxton and Kerrigan have a final fight in the prison's backyard - which results in Buxton being killed by Kerrigan.