Natalie Burke

Natalie Burke

Natalie Burke is the protagonist villainess from Werewolf (alternately titled Arizona Werewolf).

She was played by Adrianna Miles.


Natalie Burke is an archaeologist who developed romantic feelings for Paul Niles, who was attacked by a werewolf skull by Yuri (the main antagonist). As a result of the attack, Paul becomes a werewolf himself, unbeknownst to Natalie. After Natalie and Yuri both spot Paul changing at a bar, both of them attempt to capture Paul and take him to the lab. Natalie later arrives at Paul's home and sees him in full werewolf form, and chases after him when he goes after Yuri. Paul ends up killing Yuri in his lycanthropic form.

At the end of the film, the villainous Natalie became a werewolf herself, making her slight transformation as she walked upstairs to Paul's bedroom. Regarding her physical appearance, Natalie is only shown to have some facial hair, and her hairstyle resembles a slightly animalistic mane. It is not revealed how Natalie became a werewolf, though it is suggested that she became one after she and Paul made love. Natalie and Paul reunite in the final scene of the film, both in their werewolf forms.