Natalie is the tertiary antagonist of the 2013 sequel Evil Dead.

The girlfriend of David Allen, Natalie is possessed by a Deadite, causing her to attempt to kill her boyfriend. Natalie takes on the role of Linda from the original film.

She is portrayed by Elizabeth Blackmore.


Natalie is timid and slightly awkward at first, but eventually when she is pushed to her limit, she will do anything it takes to stay alive.

After being bit on thenar space of her hand, she is forcefully pushed into a bloody kiss when Mia slices her tongue in half, with a boxcutter, and violently makes out with her. After which, the bitten part of her hand starts to become horribly infected by an evil bug.

Once the infection starts taking over her arm, Natalie starts become possessed and so she amputates her arm with an electric carving knife. David patches her up and leaves her alone in the bedroom when he goes to talk with Eric. After an argument Eric turns away from David only to see Natalie shooting herself in the face with a nail gun. A brutal fight then commences and ends with Natalie bludgeoning Eric with a crowbar until she has her other arm blown off with a shotgun. Natalie then breaks from her possession and dies in David's lap.


  • She is arguably the secondary antagonist, like Linda.