Natalia Faroush is the secondary antagonist of Another Cinderella Story.

She was portrayed by Nicole LaPlaca.

She is the ex girlfriend of Joey and best friend of Britt and Bree Blatt, she is a dancer and when she arrive front of Tami and Mary she spill her drink on Mary and drive off to the school, when she see Joey she kiss and pulled him out of Mary way.when Britt tell her it was a shock when her and Joey break up, Natalia tell her that Joey and her will be togheter again during the white and black ball, but nothing going as planned as Tami and Mary appear with their mask at the ball much to Natalia anger who see that Joey was interested to the mystery girl instead of her.

But when the mystery girl was revealed to be Mary, Natalia became more spiteful to it, and she doesn't like to see Joey with Mary, one night she and the twins trick mary to believe that Joey cheating on her and get back with her, but Joey knew he was being tricked by her and the twins, so, Mary will dump him, but Joey decide to make it up by tell Dustin and Tami to bring Mary to the contest.

She was dancing on the stage, but when Joey call Mary and see that she dance with him, Natalia make an angry stare at her, but when Mary was prononced the contest winner she was shock, and go see Joey telling him and Mary that she was supposed to win, but then teafully congratulated Mary before leaving the stage in tears.


- She has the same name as Natalia Faroush in Jinx.