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God came to me, and tell to do a rebellion
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Nat Turner is the main antagonist of the movie The confession of Nat turner.

He was a slave who working for Joseph Travis family, in the beginning he was a great slave without any problems, he working very heard for do his best for not be slashed by his masters. Until the night when he was sleeping he had dream vision of god, and make disciple after he was awake, but a other night he had a different dreams, he was dreaming about a war between the slave and their master, so he was believe he should make a rebellion and kill all slaves owner. So he tell his fellow followers to kill every person they see white man woman and children. He get so upset when other slave didn't follow order and tries to protect their masters, so he force them to kill their masters, later Nat is arrested and put to jail with a bunch of his followers. He confessed to killed many people, so he get charge and later he was hanged by the white people.

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