Nasty Dog
Nasty Dog (nicknamed by Cat) is the antagonist in the CatDog episode Extra! Extra!. He is a brown anthropomorphic dog who called Dog a paperboy and chases him.


When Dog takes over being paperboy, Dog communicates with Nasty Dog with barking. Nasty Dog jumps over his fence and spins around the sewer lid, getting ferocious on Dog. Dog tells him that he is a dog like him, but Nasty Dog calls Dog a paperboy and he, along with the other dogs, starts chasing CatDog. Then CatDog crashes into the Greaser's property, the chasing dogs stop and Nasty Dog saids in fear, "Hold up! This ain't our turf no more, it's off limits," and they walked away from the Greaser's turf due to zoning laws.

Nasty Dog gets outsmarted by CatDog when Dog opens the sewer lid and Nasty Dog jumps over the fence and into the sewer.


  • "Not no more you're not. Once you put on that hat you're a paper boy."
  • "Face it. You're a paper boy, paper boy. And you're fair game."
  • "Hold up, this ain't our turf no more. It's off limits."