Yeah, thats' nice and all, but my hypno-powers kinda' say otherwise. Just stand still, K'?
~ Nastasia

Nastasia is an antagonist in Super Paper Mario. She is Count Bleck's secretary and second-in-command, with hypnotic powers which she uses to brainwash people into serving Count Bleck. She is in love with Count bleck but knows her feelings will not be returned. O'Chunks appears to be in love with her, despite the fact that she gives him numerous punishments for his failure to defeat Mario, such as writing a thousand-word report or singing a motivational song a thousand times. She wanted Bleck to stop the prophecy, but Bleck knew it could not be stopped unless he was defeated.

Once Bleck was defeated by Mario, Luigi, Bowser, and Peach, Dimentio attempted to kill the weakened Bleck, but Nastasia jumped in front of him and took the hit, absorbing the full force of it to protect him. She was apparently killed by this attack, but after Dimentio, the Chaos Heart, and The Void were destroyed, she came back to life. After Bleck and Tippi vanish, she goes with O'Chunks and Mimi to help build a perfect world. She is the only one of Count Bleck's forces who is never fought against. She burst into crying after Bleck vanished. She seems to be shy to most people due to how she speaks.

Nastasia used to be a bat, as revealed by Carson in Flopside. She was caught in a trap, and was rescued by Count Bleck. Later, she returned, transformed into the same species as the count, and pledged eternal loyalty to him.