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is the secondary antagonist of Frankenweenie. He is Toshiaki's partner and Victor's other rival-like former enemy, who has a flat head inspired by Frankenstein's monster and whose voice and face resemble that of Boris Karloff.

Nassor wanted to win a science fair contest. After Edgar brags to Toshiaki and Bob about the invisible Goldfish that he and Victor created, Nassor went up to Edgar to asks if it was true, Edgar tries to convince Nassor that it is but but he doesn't believe him due to the fish dissapearing completely, needless to say he thinks Edgar was fooling around.

After he, Toshiaki and Bob confront Edgar about the fish Nassor finds out about Sparky, and he along with the others break into Victor's lab and steals the scientific formula. he then replicates Victor's science experiments and  brings his dead hamster Colossus back to life.

In The dutch day festival, he sends Colossus to kill Shelley (Turtle Monster) , but Colossus got squished and died once again. Nassor is then defeated when he was wrapped around like a mummy.


  • Nassor's appearance is loosely based from the appearance of Boris Karloff when he played as Frankenstein
  • Nassor is the direct Egyptian translation of the English name Victor. This is easy to say that he could possibly be Egyptian.
  • Another suggested inspiration could be Boris Karloff, since the horror movie actor is also known for playing the role of Imhotep.
  • The scene where Nassor ressurects Colossus is definitely a parody of Imhotep attempting to ressurect Anck-Su-Namun.

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