Template:InfoboxNashira is the only female villain in the video game Darkspore. She is a Darkspore commander who is feared by many throughout the Galaxy, even her Darkspore minions. She is always a force of evil to be reckoned with.


Nashira had always taken death very seriously and was obsessed with Necro powers. She was feared by most of her friends because of this and often spent most of her time in the most desolate of planets in the Galaxy. Some time later, she came into contact with The Corruptor, formerly a Crogenitor named Xylan, who gifted her with immense power over death. Nashira struck even greater fear into both her enemies and Darkspore allies due to her deathly campaigns across the Galaxy during the Crogenitor-Darkspore War. This caused the Galaxy's downfall. Years later, The Corruptor stationed Nashira and her army of Darkspore on Nocturna. Meanwhile, a surviving Crogenitor began liberating planets from the Darkspore's influence. In response, Nashira prepared her army for battle in hopes of killing the young Crogenitor. When the Crogenitor finally arrived, she engaged him in combat. After a while, Nashira was defeated by the Crogenitor and his hero squadrons and was heard screaming to her death as a purple cloud enveloped her and imploded on itself; one of the greatest threats to the Galaxy had been terminated.