I will not let you touch my beautiful, beautiful face.
~ Narcis Prince

Narcis Prince is a villain in Super Punch-Out!!. He is a blonde and handsome but vain British ivy-leaguer. He is one of 2 boxers in the game to not have a palette swap (the other being Hoy Quarlow) and three overall (the third being King Hippo). He is later fought and beaten by Little Mac.

In the SNES version of Super Punch-Out!!, Narcis' normal fighting style is noticably more skillful than some of the earlier opponents, as he tends to balance defense with offense, dodging and blocking often, and is capable of countering failed attacks to his face.

Alongside his above-average defense, His standard punches are also reasonably powerful, and is also armed with a dangerous "London Lashings" combo, which consists of three very quick and powerful jabs to the face, which, when all the jabs hit, can take off up to 3/5 of your boxer's health.

However, his name and quotes give an insight into his weak point. When punched in the face, he steps back from his opponent, growling and shaking his fist-This is a signal that he has been angry. While upset, the British Boxer attacks in a blind rage, flinging punches recklessly. In this state, his face becomes easier to hit, which is helpful since face punches inflict a lot of damage to him. When he recovers before the 10 count, he may cover his face with his fists and an exclamation mark will appear over his head, afterwards he shake his head in order to snap out of his rage. However, his widened eyes and opened mouth are still visible during this stance. This indicates he has calmed down.

However, the price to pay would be that his attacks become noticably faster and more stronger. If either boxer stays on their feet long enough, Narcis' corner man tells him to calm down after about 20 seconds, causing Narcis to return to his normal fighting stance.

When he knocks down his opponent, he leans against one of the corner posts whilst tapping his foot, waiting patiently for him to get back up. Besides this, Narcis also laughs at the fighter if he wins by TKO.


  • His first name is a clever pun on the word "narcissism" which suited to his arrogant personality.
  • He is the only boxer in the game that does not to have an alternate animation for Time Up.
  • He is the only opponent in the Special Circuit that uses legal boxing moves (Hoy Quarlow uses a cane to hit Little Mac, and the Bruiser Brothers smash the mat and hit with their elbows).