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Full Name
Onigumo, Lord Kagewaki
Powers / Skills
Master Manipulator, Shapeshifting, Flight, Regeneration,Tentacles,Miasma,Barrier,can steal demon's abilities.
scheming, hiding in shadows,have his Incarnations do his work, ruining peoples lives.
Collect all Shikan Jewel shards to become full demon and gain Ultimate power, destroy Inuyasha and his friends, remove Onigumo from his being which is the only thing that can redeem him
Type of Villain
Sadist, Mass Murderer, Evil from the past, Sociopath, Nemesis, Homicidal maniac

Naraku (奈落) is the main villain of the anime/manga series InuYasha.

He is voiced by Toshiyuki Morikawa in the Japanese version of the anime and Paul Dobson in the English version.


Naraku is responsible for most of the characters' misfortunes, including the death of Kikyo, the sealing of Inuyasha to the sacred tree, Miroku's curse, and the death of Sango's family. Naraku was born from the fusion of Onigumo, a crippled human bandit tended by Kikyo, and a horde of weak demons. Driven by frustrated lust for Kikyo, Onigumo made a bargain with the demons: they could eat his flesh, and the demons would combine into one entity to become part of that new body. However the resulting half-demon promptly caused Kikyo's death in an attempt to corrupt and possess the Shikon Jewel-his intent being that she would use the jewel to save herself and thus both would be corrupted and be his. Unlike other Half-Demons, he can choose what time will he lose his powers, however he reverts to a head attached to multiple demons. During this time he discards the weaker demons that he's attached to.


Naraku in his casual clothing.

Naraku is driven by three goals: To become a full demon, to possess a fully-corrupted Shikon Jewel, and to possess Kikyo. The third goal is rooted in Onigumo's heart as a vital part of Naraku's body, causing an obsession with Kikyo that prevents him from killing her. He attempts to rid himself of Onigumo's heart multiple times, ultimately separating it into globs of flesh he leaves in Mount Hakurei. With his heart freed from his obsession, he is able to later kill Kikyo. On his final death, he faintly remembered why he made the bargain in the first place and expressed regret at not being able to have Kikyo for his own. He then understood the true essence of peace and recovered himself from his sins.

Throughout the series, Naraku creates many subordinate beings from his own body to aid his goal of killing his opponents and reuniting the shards of the Shikon Jewel, whose corrupted form he hopes to use to gain ultimate power.


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