Napoleon LeRoach is the villain and the leader of the evil orginazation S.M.E.L.L.Y. (the Society for Meaningless Evil Larceny Lying and Yelling) in Spy Fox 2: Some Assembly Required. He is a tiny cockroach who is trying to get revenge on the world because of the way he was treated, all just from being small. He first began to think this way because he once tried to enter the World's Fair after waiting in line for over twelve hours to see the Famous French Pastries of the Past exhibit, but was denied entry because he was not tall enough to go through the turnstile.

It is revealed that he has constructed a massive version of a "Dogbot" toy, and intends to generate enough power to go on a rampage, due to (ironic enough) a turnstile winding up the gears, and only when the one billionth visitor passes through will it be finished.

He has disposed of the "Off" button that would shut the Dogbot off, but thanks to the efforts of Fox, he retrieves it just in time for the Dogbot's rampage; upon being confronted by Spy Fox, LeRoach makes his escape into the sewers. Fox manages to sneak in, where LeRoach plans his next move. Unbeknownst to the tiny S.M.E.L.L.Y. leader, Fox reroutes the sewer pipes so his escape to Fiji would be relocated to the villain jail. Fox flushes him all the way to prison, where his escape is plugged up, and is now behind bars.