Napoleon Bonaparte is one of the secondary antagonists in Night at the Museum 2, He was one of the villains that joined forces with Kahmunrah.

Night at the Museum 2

He came from a forgotten exibit in the basement, Nopoleon Bonaparte along with Ivan the Terrible, Al Capone and their henchmen (gangsters, Streltsi and hussards), Napoleon joined Kahmunrah. They don’t really see where the point is, but they understand they will be given a part of the world in exchange of their help.

Napoleon capture Larry Daley in the National Gallery of Art and bring him to Kahmunrah. He later see him with Amelia Earhartcrossing the park. Kahmunrah, thinking they are trying to flee, sends his forces against them. They find Larry and Amelia in the Air & Space Museum, but they fail in the pursuit.