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Napier Hoods

Napier Hoods

The Napier Hoods were a group of thugs that worked directly under Jack Napier in the Batman 1980s film. They were at least seven men during their raid on the Axis Chemicals. They disbanded after Napier became Joker, though some may have joined his new gang .

Known Members

  • Bob : Jack's second in command and later joined the new gang.
  • Thug with beard: In the Axis Chemicals, he was punched in the face unconscious by Batman.
  • Thug with yellow trenchcoat: In the Axis Chemicals, he was captured by the police when Batman tied him up.
  • Thug with gray trenchcoat: Status unknown.
  • Thug with blue pinstripe suit: Knocked out by a Police Officer.
  • Thug with black pinstripe suit: Status unknown.
  • Thug with cutting torch: Status unknown.

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