Naomi Sutherland

The evil Naomi Sutherland

Naomi Sutherland is the main villainess from "The Case of the Missing Button," the Season Eight opener of Perry Mason.

She was played by Lysa D'Anjou.

Naomi Sutherland is the secretary of Dirk Blake, who is in a bitter battle with his about-to-be ex-wife, Janice, over their daughter, Button. However, Naomi has a secret obsession to become Dirk's wife and Button's mother, and her delusional desires were threatened to be exposed by Vince Rome, unless Naomi paid him to keep quiet. Naomi later killed Vince, with Dirk being charged with the crime, and she went off the deep end in the aftermath.

Later in the episode, Naomi left her seat during Dirk's trial, just as Mason was set to call her to the witness stand, and kidnapped Button. After taking Button to a nearby park, the evil Naomi drove the young girl on a freeway overpass, where she was actually attempting to kill Button by tossing her over. She was stopped in time when Perry arrived at the scene with Della and the Blakes, and it's at that moment that Naomi breaks down and releases Button. It is assumed that Naomi was arrested for her crimes.