Naomi Hunter is a major character of Metal Gear Saga, an hidden antagonist in Metal Gear Solid (1998) turned supporting character in the same game and in "Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots". She is also considerable the false antagonist from the fourth chapter.

Naomi was the chief of FOXHOUND's medical staff prior to the Shadow Moses Incident, and a member of Solid Snake's support team during that mission.

Naomi had an adoptive brother, Frank Jeager alias Gray Fox, who was killed by Solid Snake in Zanzibar Land. After this event, she wants vengeance. During Snake's mission, Naomi called him and she explaining tom him her past, FOXDIE's true role and why she had wanted to kill him. However, she was subdued by one of Ames' men as well as Campbell before she could finish.

After realizing that Snake was not the merciless killer she had thought him to be, Naomi eventually forgave him for Frank's situation, following his and Snake's cooperation in destroying Metal Gear REX. In that battle, It was discovered that Gray Fox was the murderer of Naomi's parents, Gray Fox tells him to report the truth to Naomi, so Gray Fox faces the Metal Gear REX, dying with honor.

After Snake defeated Liquid, Snake told her that Frank's actions saved him, her, and the world, which caused Naomi to be emotional. Unaware of when FOXDIE would kill him, Snake then asked Naomi how much time he had left. She told him to live his life to the fullest until it did.