Nanochips (also known as Microchips or Nanites), also known collectively as "The Hive" are alien microscopic nanites Ben 10: Alien Swarm.


The Queen produces Nanochips from her body and later after she takes up residence in Victor Validus' body, she produces them from there and they have the ability to take over a person's mind. They are a hybrid which is part organic matter and part machine as pointed out by Kevin.

In several days, they mind-conrolled whole Bellwood Citizens. Ben Tennyson and his friends understood it, when they've met [[File:]]with some citizens, who were under control of nanochips, when they saw that some of humans eyes, glowed by strange light, and one teenage girl had nanochip, under her skin on the neck. Using human's bodies, Decoy Queen and nanochips, inside of humans, were providing more and more nanochips, so they can spread them through whole world and mind-control other humans and animals. Max Tennyson, grandfather of Ben was also possessed by nanochips and he worked on Decoy Queen. But when the Queen was destroyed by Nanomech, all nanochips were destroyed, and people were free from mind control.

The Nanochips surprisingly returned in the Ben 10: Ultimate Alien episode Revenge of the Swarm. The team discovered that the chips took over Elena Validus' mind and had made her the Queen of the Hive. After Elena sacrificed herself for Ben by destroying her nano self, the chips still had some life in them.

Powers and Abilities

  • Shape Shifting
  • Mind-controlling


  • Nanochips are similar to Venom, saying almost every time "We did", "We said", etc.